Manchester University – Internal Speedlanes

Manchester University – Internal Speedlanes


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The Project

We were tasked with upgrading/refreshing the main entrance to the Stopford building for the university of Manchester. This was due to the current units being worn/tired and parts staring to fail, also the university utilised this opportunity to modernise the look of the entrance. Working closely with our client we came up with the below design/system –

Two banks of AGPR Speed Gates, one acting as a dedicated entrance and the other as an exit. The AGPR Speed gates were installed all at a wider width of 914mm to allow disabled access compliant to the DDA or ADA regulations, as well as wide enough for daily deliveries.

Being integrated with an access control system and a remote-control switch for manual operation of the speed lanes removed the requirement of needing a separate Passgate to allow visitor access or deliveries.

The AGPR Speed gates offers a stylish, compact, and cost-effective option, alongside the very latest in high tech entrance security. Featuring sleek materials, such as a stainless-steel enclosure, glass spine panel and glass pedestal height swing barriers, the AGPR Speed Gates has been well received by the University, which was looking for a more modern design, whilst still providing the required level of security.

Choosing the AGPR Speed Gate range allowed us to maintain an internal security perimeter for the university, as well as ensuring a safe working environment for staff, students and visitors. The installation took place over two consecutive weekends to minimise disruption to staff and students and to allow the university to main security to the entrance throughout the week.

All projecting and design from detailed schematics and civil requirements where all done in house.

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