The Autogate 120° full height turnstile is a sleek, contemporary design, as well as a robust, high specification turnstile engineered to exacting standards. Manufactured to the highest quality our heavy duty turnstile is complete in all respects. Designed to give years of continuous use.

Head unit

The AGFHT head unit has been engineered to the highest of standards with all parts being zinc plated.


The AGFHT 120° is rotated manually by the user but has a locking mechanism. The locking mechanism contains a cam plate and two locking solenoids. The unit is controlled by our SR2 B121BD controller. This controller has been designed specifically by Autogate for this application. When the controller receives a pulsed input, the controller releases the respective solenoid and allows the centre column to be easily rotated 120°. The centre column then locks back into position.